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    I have a 2 MXQ boxs and both seem to be working fine. They came pre-loaded from China with all of the usual items. I downloaded a program on my PC called FreeTelly for my Windows desktop, and find it has tons more addons, etc. Seems to work better and faster than the 2 MXQ boxes, but that may be due to the fact that they are using WiFi, but my PC is connected directly by cable.

    I would like to do a fresh start on one of my MXQ boxes and put the FreeTelly on it. I know I will have to download the version for Android, but have no clue how to do a fresh start. How does one do a fresh start? Second question would be once the fresh start is done, do I download the Android version FreeTelly onto a memory stick, and load it on the MXQ, or will I still be able to connect to the net with the MXQ and download it there and install..

    Sorry for the questions. New to these Android boxes although I am quite familiar with Windows and files, and so forth.

    Thank you for your help and time. I did do some searching, but did not find anything that helped.

    EDIT: Found what I need on Youtube. Thanks.
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