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Thread: Kodi/Exodus/Sportsdevil on AFTV Question

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    Hey CableCutters guys,

    I recently purchased a Fire TV Box from a guy who sells them with all of the addons already loaded on them from a guy on instagram for 150$. It was great for the first couple of days and I had no problems watching any of my shows or movies but then it kept playing the same episode of the show i was watching no matter which actual episode that I selected it was always defaulting back to the same one from the previous season. I messaged the guy on instagram and asked him what the problem could be/what to do, he instructed me to go into the Manage Installed addons selection and pick kodi and select "Clear Cache" I did this, but i also hit "clear data" (I'm not very good with computers or electronics, which is why i'm asking for you guys to help me.

    He told me that I could send it back to him and he'd reload all of the apps for 50$ more, plus shipping and handling both ways and I just don't really want to do that, because the guy was very rude about the entire situation. I can follow guides well enough I think to load all the apps back onto it, I know that it had for sure Kodi/Exodus - sportsdevil - maintenance tool, the other stuff I don't remember.

    I've tried a couple youtube video guides already, but they dont match up how my box settings, look or are riddled w/ clickbait or are just out of date, Can someone please please give me the proper guide to reinstall these apps so I can get back to watching TV (I cancelled my cable about 3-4 days after I got the box, because I loved it)

    I just need a good up-to-date guide on how to install the abovementioned addons.

    I really appreciate your time and responses. Thanks =)
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    I assume that you still have Kodi on just that you have killed off all the addons ?

    If you Google for install a build on Kodi there are plenty of sites that explain fully how to do it and once you have done it once you will realise how easy it is to do
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