I bought a amazon Fire tv stick and programed kodi and it worked fine for a while. Then remote stop working. So I call amazon and they said they would send me a new remote. But instead the sent me another TV fire stick instead. Which was good, I got it program and working fine. And I download the app on my phone till they sent me the remote and app worked ok. on this fire stick till I got the new firestick they sent me.

But the question is the amazon remote app that i downloaded on my android phone that firestick that didn't work..the one they replaced and the only thing I get now is amazon fire that comes up on the screen and wanting to program the remote, which don't work. So I tried the app and it will not let me sign in now to use it. Is it possible that amazon lock the stick so it's no good. I figure if I could get a remote to work I would do a factory reset. But cannot get to home screen. I was going to try to fix it and give it to a friend. But maybe it's no good. Thinking they locked it up to where you cannot use it. Sorry this is long and I hope I put this it the right place. I'm new at this so please forgive me If this sound stupid. Thanks