Does anyone have this as their internet provider? I am curious if it's any good. I'm sure it won't be in Ohio any time soon but they are offering 1000mps download AND UPLOAD! Holy moly. I know your net speeds will only go as fast as your weakest link so if you have a WIN95 puter, don't bother telling us it is slow speeds. lol But you can stream 10+ at 4K without lag is what they say. Looks to be around $70 a month or $130 for the internet and I think 200+ channels of "cable".

They offer google phone also for $10 per month. I actually have Google phone service and it's free of charge. I just bought the "modem" that supports "Google voice" and I pay 10 or $15 a YEAR to have E911. But if you don't want that, it's completely free. I use it for a fax number but I use the phone to talk on occasionally also.

Here is a link for info on Google Fiber. If your interested.